Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Day Planner!!

With a new step on the adventure of life comes a new Day Planner!

This year I have gone for a PaperBlanks day planner in Filigree Floral Ivory.

It is easily organized week-by-week with a funky Timetable for school scheduling in the beginning! There are also two ribbon bookmarks too and a removal address book at the back, along with an elastic closer!

I love this and have already filled in birthdays etc.

YEAH! New Day Planner signifies New Life!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Book Review ~ Late Night Talking

The Seventh Book Review is on...


“Late Night Talking” by Leslie Schnur is a fun novel that would be a perfect accompaniment to an afternoon at the beach! It is lively, funny and quick to read.

Jeannie is a ambitious, independent and rather loud-mouthed radio presented focussed on making the world better. Her show is Sterling Behaviour a show that brings to light the rude behavior of individuals. Jeannie believes her best friend, and worldly journalist is her one true love. But, does Tommy feel the same?

Then there was a hummer... Jeannie’s one pet peeve and it just so happens to be driven by the rich, and very dashing (yet arrogant) Nicholas Moss. But, when Jeannie discovers Tommy wants a relationship too she forgets about the dashing hero in the Hummer. But when the dashing hero becomes her boss, her show goes to the TV, and she finally has a boyfriend... but is it all too good to be true??

Leslie Schnur has the classic chick lit plot but mixed with fantastic characters it is a brilliantly written book with great description. The book is a quick read and it is a fun read. Pure escapism. Quick chapters and quirky writing techniques, with not only prose but scripts of the Sterling show. I laughed and... I balled too!! Fabulous...

ThePoshGurl Rating:

4 JimmyChoos out of 5

(For pure entertainment)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Posh Gurl Giggles


Husband says to wife ‘My Olympic condoms have arrived – I think I’ll wear gold tonight’.

Wife says, ‘Why don’t you wear silver and come second for a change’.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced that he intends to make it more difficult to claim benefits. From next week, all the forms will be printed in English.

On holiday recently in Spain I saw a sign that said ‘English speaking Doctor’ –

I thought, 'What a good idea, why don’t we have them in our country?'

I went to the cemetery yesterday to lay some flowers on a grave. As I was standing there I noticed 4 grave diggers walking about with a coffin... 3 hours later and they're still walking about with it... I thought to myself, these blokes have lost the plot!!

I was walking in a cemetery this morning and saw a bloke hiding behind a gravestone.

"Morning." I said.

"No" he replied, "just having a wee"

I was driving this morning when I saw an RAC van parked up. The driver was sobbing uncontrollably and looked very miserable. I thought to myself ‘that guy’s heading for a breakdown’.

The lead actor in the local pantomime, Aladdin, was sexually abused from behind on stage last night... To be fair the audience did try to warn him.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Style in the Store ~ Friday 22nd July 2011


The Duchess of Cambridge made her first appearance since the Royal Tour today, taking a tour of her wedding exhibition taking place at Buckingham Palace with her Grandmother.

The Duchess once again looked BEAUTIFUL in a off-peach dress featuring a deep v-neckline, three quarter sleeves and a gathered waist... this fitting dress is slowly becoming her “go-to” fit!

This is a 2011 Winter Collection Joseph Dress.

She paired the dress with powder pink Jimmy Choos, and of course her classic nylons!!


p.s. loving the Queen’s outfit as well... Really Cheerful Print!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Celebrity Style Guru: Candidate 9

Everyone knows I am obsessed with old movies and one of my most favourite people is this weeks Style Guru.


Celebrity Fashion Guru Candidate 9

One of America's most prolific actresses was born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff on April 3, 1922, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Like most little girls, Doris liked to dance. She aspired to become a professional ballerina, but a car she was traveling in was hit by a car and it crushed her leg ending whatever hopes she had of dancing on stage. It was a terrible setback, but after taking singing lessons she found a new vocation, and began singing with local bands.

In 1947 after her first violent marriage ended Day's agent talked her into taking a screen test at Warner Bros. The executives there liked what they saw and signed her to a contract. Her first starring movie role was in “Romance on the High Seas” (1948). The next year, she made two more films. Audiences took to her beauty, terrific singing voice and bubbly personality, and she turned in fine performances in the movies she made (in addition to several hit records). She made three films for Warner Bros. in 1950 and five more in 1951.The star was born.

"Doris Day is one of the grand ladies of song. She exudes sunshine with her acting and singing and just the mention of her name would bring a smile to one's face. I adore her." - Robert Goulet

But, it was her personal life that created Doris Day. Unlucky in love and marriage her big heart caused her to suffer major heartache. One husband stealing all her money over the cause of their marriage.

“If it's true that men are such beasts, this must account for the fact that most women are animal lovers.”

But it is Doris Day’s humanitarian acts... she is a HUGE animal freak!! Funding animal rescues and STILL actively works for the Doris Day Pet Foundation.

“When I see Liz Taylor with those Harry Winston boulders hanging from her neck I get nauseated. Not figuratively, but nauseated! All I can think of are how many dog shelters those diamonds could buy.”

What I love about Doris Day’s style is its femininity and CASUALness. It really does what style needs to do and expresses her personality.

“I like joy; I want to be joyous; I want to have fun on the set; I want to wear beautiful clothes and look pretty. I want to smile and I want to make people laugh. And that`s all I want. I like it. I like being happy. I want to make others happy.”

Doris Day’s style is that of a WOMAN! She is beautiful inside and out. She is not only a STYLE ICON but a LIFE ICON!

Drink Up: False Creek Raspberry Ale

ThePoshGurl is Drinking...

False Creek Raspberry Ale

Pink Ale, refreshing and perfect for the summer (when it arrives)

It was $12.95 for six bottles and a chilled bottle is absolutely delicious sitting on the deck in the setting sun. It is easily digested and doesn’t make you light headed! It is fruity with the bitter aftertaste of the ale, a perfectly refreshing summer beverage.

ThePoshGurl rating:

3 Clicquot Widows out of 5

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Today (and a little bit yesterday) I went SHOPPING! It was the first shopping spree I have had in AGES!! PLUS I went with one of my besties and past Style Guru... SABBY WONG! After getting permission to spend from Sabrina’s other half and we were off.

H&M I grabbed myself a gorgeous long sleeved shirt with “brass” style buttons and a floral print. $19.95

Then it was Banana Republic where I grabbed two skinny leather belts one in pink and one in green snakeskin both from $55.00 down to $29.99 with an EXTRA 25% off!!

In Jacob I found a pale pink V neck (back and front) 100% (softest ever) cotton sweater irresistible and had to take that too. This was $49.99 with 50% off!!

Buying a pack of CD’s in Staples I found the most ADORABLE COW, yes COW USB!!

Back story- my sister bought me a GORGEOUS pink dress from Banana Republic BUT I needed to get the sheer tights to finish the Kate Middleton look!! Which I found (with a suck in top) at Sears for $8.00

Yesterday, on my way to ‘smelly’ shop I picked up a pair of:-

Mavi mid-rise, green cargo pants. They are on SUCH a good deal at the moment I didn’t even use my staff discount! $39.99

At Beauty Mark I bought a new Essie in a mint green called “Absolutely Shore”!

Winners was an inviting place today where I found, with Sabrina’s keen eye a Matching PURPLE kitchen set - culinder ($7.99), mixing bowl ($9.99), and cooking utensils set ($7.99)!

So what did I wear on this expedition?!


My new Wilfred Maxi Skirt with a plain tank top and DKNY pink thongs!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Book Review: The Painted Bird

The Sixth Book Review is on...

THE PAINTED BIRD by Jerzy Kosinski

“The Painted Bird” by Jerzy Kosinski is an excellent crafted novel ruined by an authors desire to shock the reader.

Set in World War 2, a young boy is abandoned by his family, left with an ailing peasant he is dumped into the uncivilized world of Europe. When his guardian dies he must face the consequence of being a dark haired, dark eyed boy alone in Nazi occupied, primal countryside. He is shafted from place to place meeting with the most nasty and disgusting of people. This is good. BUT... I really mean disgusting. He witnesses brutality, beastiality, rape, pedophiliac rape and murder. Yes it happens, but Kosinski doesn’t just mention it he likes to describe it... in INCREDIBLE DETAIL.

What Zusak (“The Book Thief”) fantastically mentions at, reminding you of the horror of war without jamming it down your throat Kosinski RAMS it down your throat.

I do not want to read a paragraph on how a six year old is raped to death in front of her mother, or how to arouse a He-Goat in order to make it mate with a human girl. It is HORRIFIC and DISGUSTING.

There is tons of shock but NO AWE!

ThePoshGurl was NOT impressed.

ThePoshGurl Rating:

1 JimmyChoo out of 5

(Only because of the narration and characterization NOT the content)

Monday, 18 July 2011

New Haircut



(in Crescent Beach)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Live @ YVR Contest Entry Video


YVR is having a storytelling competition/ reporting competition. A lucky contestant will live at YVR for 80 days and 80 nights with a full access pass to explore YVR and tell the stories hidden inside it.

Applicants had to make a 3 minute video about a person, place or event and upload it to the website for a chance to win.

So I made this video about myself to hopefully show why they should choose me!

This is my entry...


Big thanks to Nikita for doing an interview for me!! ThePoshGurl loves you!!

Style in the Store ~ Saturday 16th July 2011

With the wet weather here in Vancouver it feels more like Spring than Summer. So for the final Mavi window I chose Green because the grass has definitely had enough water this month!

The Spring Green Window ~ to match the weather!

The Spring Green Window ~ to match the weather!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ~ LA


My favourite Harry Potter opening night outfit was worn by Rose Byrne (“Bridesmaids” and “X-Men: First Class”) heading to the premiere on Tuesday 12th July in LA wearing a starry Zara jumpsuit, pointy black Miu Miu heels and Maje taupe blazer.

Byrne says the jumpsuit “unleashes her "inner Harry Potter."’


Style in the Store ~ Friday 15th July 2011

Hana came in looking very stylish and equipped for this strange Vancouver Summer weather!!

This awesome skirt is by Utilikilt based in Seattle

My Main Window in Red and Blues!

Casual Summer in Red and Blues!

Casual Summer in Red and Blues!

Casual Summer in Red and Blues!

Casual Summer in Red and Blues!

My Center Piece is again a Casual Look

Fashion Institute of Vancouver did some excellent styling!

Fashion Institute of Vancouver did some excellent styling!