Monday, 12 September 2011

You Are Remembered


LAB 1030 ~ Back to Blog!!

I cannot believe I am spending the last few study hours of Sunday night writing a blog, knowing I have one million more assignments to do but... guess what... this IS an assignment!!

Yes... Seriously... My CPSC 1030 class at Langara wants me to write a blog post for my lab... so here I am!

It has been so long since my last posting... whoever said that moving house was the most stressful thing to do was CORRECT! It is also correct to say that so is starting a new job, and welcoming a family member for a visit all in the same week of said move is to be stressful!! Yup... I did that!

We moved into our gorgeous apartment on a Friday and I spent those first few days unpacking, visiting ikea, and building ikea! Simultaneously I started my new job at Tommy working four days of that first week. However, I got the majority of my room done by Wednesday... WHICH is when my Auntie Dawn came to visit from England.

AND... for those who have been bugging me for pictures ... here are a few of my new ‘boudoir’ & surroundings!

My Favourite park of the new room has to be my two chandeliers... DEBBIE TRAVIS!!

I have not seen my Auntie for 10 years so it was a rather odd experience... especially as the more I got to know her the more I realized we had a lot in common. Whilst she was here we spent the majority of our time walking, eating, drinking and gossiping by the fire-pit... (plus working at Tommy).

By the weekend I was TOTALLY ready for my BIRTHDAY! YES! I turned 25 and my gifts were FAB!


there was the

Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

from my family.


there was the Liberty makeup bag

designed by Lisa Stickley

from my Auntie Dawn.

There was also a double gift which required a trip to Heaven (aka Holt Renfrew).

Here I exchanged a Makeup bag

for a

Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet.

AND was very naughty...

As you can see from the other pictures I have changed to Contact Lenses... which meant I had no non-perscription sunnies.

So I gifted myself some Tory Burch sunnies.

Which BTW came in an AMAZING case!!

OK So that done I began Uni on Tuesday... WOW is it difficult getting back into the swing of school. I spent the rest of the week running to catch up before things even began!

My Auntie Dawn left on Saturday... just before I invited by nearest and dearest to a little dinner by the fire-pit... a housewarming/birthday party. And guess what... I actually cooked...


Baked Camembert with fig jam and pumpkin seed crackers to dip.

Served with a “Crescent Beach Sunset” cocktail (developed by me!)

Spaghetti Bolognese or Strawberry tomarto ragu

Served with fresh baguette and olive oil and balsamic dip

PLUS red wine!

SMORES made over the fire-pit

With a chocolate fondu and strawberries

PLUS Americano with Baileys

The evening was a great success!!

Thanks Everyone for Coming!

Today was my first morning back at my Church in my new position of “Grade One Teacher”. We had a pancake morning whilst we got to know the kids... and no kidding I have the CUTEST bunch... I cannot wait to get started!

Of course no one was as cute as my Poppy!


There you have in my weeks of absences summed up in a short post/lab. Now life is back to “normal” and I am settled I promise to come back to you... ThePoshGurl fashion frenzied and ready to write!!