Friday, 6 January 2012

What's in Your Handbag?

Here is a question for you... what is in your bag? Men ponder this question continually- what does a female carrying in her bag? Well I am going to look into this very question...

I am a little bit of a bag fiend. I multi-pack my bags. I get it from my sister who is never missing anything when it comes to necessity in ones bag. (With a nappy bag she has become even worse)!

Quick story about my sister’s handbag. A few years ago we were walking along Burrard Street when an old lady tripped and fell in front of us. My sister leapt to her rescue pulling a pair of plastic gloves, antibacterial spray, gauze and a bandage. The ambulance came and took her away. My sister scrubbed down with antibacterial hand sanitizer and hand moisturiser.

I attended a bridal shower a while ago and won a prize! On a list of 40 things I had the most in my bag... close to the full list. So what was in it?

My iphone ~ complete in a Kate Spade case.

My Wallet

My Sunnies

My Keys

A Notepad and Daily Planner

A Makeup Case ~ gum, hand sanitizer, moisturising cream, hair brush, “lady things”, compact, cover-up, lip-balm, doggy bags, nail file, Stella McCartney folding ballet flats, a reusable shopping bag, band aids, polysporin, (recently baby wipes!!) advil, anti-itch cream and Rescue Remedy!

But that is just me...

I think Mary Poppins and Hermione Granger had it right -- dig deep and find absolutely everything you could possibly need!

The myth of a woman’s purse deepens when you look at some new states telling some secrets hidden deep within the female purse... 27 percent of women carry around their hair straighteners at all times, while four percent admitted to carrying around bust enhancers in the shape of chicken fillets which can be easily slipped into the bra, enhancing the cleavage.

Many carried spare underwear around with them for just in case while seven percent of women carried a Christmas cracker lucky charm. Two percent carry around left-over food, one woman even admitted to finding a dead fish at the bottom of her bag!

Lets look at this a different way... I know that when I have a messy bag it is because I am stressed. To clean up my bag is to sweep away the cobwebs of my mind! According to some people carrying less in your bag is more beneficial.

  1. A smaller purse with fewer contents will not physically weigh you down.
  2. Carrying less means less to lose by theft, or accidentally leaving your purse behind.
  3. You don’t have to search for your car keys in a small purse.
  4. If your cell phone is ringing, from your purse, you can turn it off or answer the call with less distraction.
  5. You will feel lighter when you not responsible for carrying around everything that you think you might need.

So then comes the question what to take????

Email me with some of your suggestions and a few pictures and I will post them up!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!


Hello Readers,

How was your Holiday Season?? Did you get lots of fashionista gifts?! (I know I did).

Suddenly it is the 4th January and I still hadn’t written a New Years Post. So Hello and welcome back! I apologise for my Christmas Absence but things have been a little nutty at my end this season and I am breathing a sigh of relief as reality begins again and I can write once more to you all.

So... I start with a confession. ThePoshGurl has lost her way a little in regards to fashion. So this year begins for her with an adventure back into style. What can be better than setting aside some cash and getting a new grip on style... a reinvention as it were. This reinvention began just yesterday when my local boutique gave me a little taste of my new style....

These boots were too good to resist at 40% off and sooooo cute on!

I also love that you can fold the tops down and twist the style a little!

Of course... it was Christmas so every new year must begin with SPANX! (Nude to follow in Kate’s footsteps!)

What am I going for? Well I started my journal with a page of inspiration, and this is what it included.

Pippa Middleton

She knows how to dress her body and I love it. She is a guru for 2012

Kate Middleton

Yes, yes my obsession continues. Her elegant style is still impeccable.

Emma Watson

Like me she is small and watching how she copes with size issues is key to what I must look for.

Downtown Abbey

K this show is life changing. Give it a watch and you see how women should carry themselves. I love Mary and watching her really makes me dream how I wish I could go back in time. This is how women should be. No, not in regards to their “place”. But in regards to their carriage and elegant ways. Femininity is embraced and not feared. I believe this is where we need to go back to. Femininity.

My Auntie Dawn

YES... my Auntie Dawn visited this Summer and as my memory recollects she is pure style and therefore, she hits my inspirational list!

Also, I conclude with a confession.... Uggs have found a way back into my life!

I was gifted a pair of purple uggs and I must say.... I LOVE THEM. They are so warm and cosy. I am sorry Fashion Guru’s I have fallen victim to the powerful comfort of Uggs. I hope this compensates though... I have re-heeled my favourite boots of all time my Roberto Cavalli studded cowboy boots so I will rotate between high fashion and low fashion to compensate!!