Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Future is Cruelty Free

My quest for clearing my closets and bathroom of animal tested products is getting closer to completion. 
My makeup drawer is done after I cleared out all the MAC and Maybeline 
I replaced it with Smashbox and Laura Mercier
My facial washes have gone from Nivea to Kiehls of New York
My nail polishes have gone from Essie to Butter.
My hair products have gone from Aveda to Down Under Naturals.
My oral care has gone from colgate and aquafresh to Toms of Maine.
My deodorant has gone from Dove to Toms of Maine.
My bath washes and body moisturisers as well as hand creams has gone from Ivory and Vaseline to Burt’s Bees
Next step is my household items!!
As a p.s. there was some suspicion over Laura Mercier and Kiehls being tested on animals so after lots of research I contacted the companies directly. 
Laura Mercier replied with this: -
We here at Laura Mercier are strictly animal cruelty free. We do not test ingredients or products on animals, nor do we hire outside companies to do so for us. It is also stated on the back of our packaging that we do not test on animals. Also none of our products are manufactured in China, simply our packaging. 
Kiehls replied with this: -
At Kiehl's, we use the finest ingredients known to us in the formulation of our unique preparations. Kiehl's does not test - nor have we ever tested - our products on animals. We offer our customers, products of the highest quality which have been tested thoroughly in laboratory environments to ensure maximum safety.
In regards to their L’Oreal Contract: -
Kiehls was originally an old pharmacy established by an apothecary in 1851 in New York. When Kiehls decided to become a global brand the owners of Kiehls agreed that for this to be successful the products would have to remain the same. L'Oreal was the only house to agree not to change anything about Kiehl's including their cruelty free methods. 
Also as another side note: - L’Oreal has agreed to become cruelty free by the beginning of 2013 = Progress!!

The Movie Review ~ The Hunger Games

Seen: - 23rd May 2012
Rating: - 5/5

I was really worried about seeing this movie. I waited until I had finished all the books before I headed to see it. I need not have worried... it was PERFECT. 
The cinematography, the casting, the music and the script made the book come even more to life. I was mesmerized. 
Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutchinson were just incredible. I don’t see how I can wait for 2013 and “Catching Fire”. I can barely wait for August to get the DVD!! 

Oxford University

For a MASTER OF STUDIES in Creative Writing
My College is SOMMERVILLE (Iris Murdoch’s college!!)

My first class begins 22nd September 2012

The Book Review ~ Spring Reads

Completed: - 18th April 2012
Rating: - 3/5
“A Desirable Residence” by Madeline Wickham
This was a bit of a slog to read at the beginning, but once it fully began (about midway through) it was brilliant. The characters were so enticing you just lapped up the storyline. 

Completed: - 24th April 2012
Rating: - 5/5
“I’ve Got Your Number” by Sophie Kinsella
I LOVED THIS BOOK!! I just LOVED it. Everything you could want from a storyline and the characters were hilarious. Just ROCKED my world!

Completed: - 30th April 2012
Rating: - 5/5
“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins
I was not quite ready for another teen phenomena with little substance and no intrigue BUT WOOOOOOOOOOW! I was NOT prepared for this book. 
The only thing that kept me from throwing up on a bumpy plane ride home from LA was this book! 

Completed: - 17th May 2012
Rating: - 5/5
“Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins
There is nothing like this book... this trilogy... these characters. This series has consumed me. I just wish it would literally absorb me!!

Completed: - 20th May 2012
Rating: - 10/5
“Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins
Despite the ending being a little too rushed... this book has completely rocked my world. I ADORE, LOVE, AM IN AWE OF, CONSUMED, DEVOTED... need more adjectives... for this book! 
AHHHHHH wish this wasn't over.