Friday, 17 August 2012

The Movie Review ~ (Catch Up 3 - 5)

Seen: - 15th June 2012
Rating: - 1/5

Typical Adam Sandler - stupid over accessible comedy that sits on the line of Not Funny Anymore. I did really enjoy the opening with the “Young Donny” character who was hilarious... if only he could have stayed in it a bit longer! Also Leighton Meester looked incredible in the film! Other than that it was sick, disturbing and not funny! Wasted $12.00.

Seen: - 29th June 2012
Rating: - 3/5

OK HILARIOUS! This movie was vulgar, crass, rude, inappropriate but I could not stop laughing. I wish I had a teddy like Ted! Mila Kunis looked stunning and I want all her outfits from the movie AND Mark Wahlberg as always was gorgeous!!
“Back off Susan Boyle”!

Seen: - 16th August 2012
Rating: - 5++/5

This is why you go to the movies. It was loud, beautiful, creative, stunning, mind-boggling. I loved it and elf-danced my way out of the theatre I was so impressed. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is now the IT person in movies he makes a great movie BETTER!! Tom Hardy... WoW! Marion Coultiard... I love her and this movie made her irresistibly evil!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I need more Christopher Nolan MORE!