Sunday, 23 September 2012

Officially an Oxford Student!

I am here its official! 

After an amazing flight in Club World on BA; watching two RomComs and blissfully falling into a champagne coma I found my way through Heathrow and to the bus stop. The coach was unbelievably fast, and I was surprised how foreign everything looked... yeah its been 9 years but still... everything was so different and I appreciated the flatness more. Arriving in Oxford was great and I managed to struggle with my three suitcases, a duffel bag, an over packed handbag and a cornet to a cab and head all of two minutes away Rewley house. I got a room on the top floor over looking a little square. It is cute and cozy and I LOVE IT. 

I spent yesterday afternoon wondering the streets of Oxford revelling in the sounds of bells, before buying a Starbucks (Big Mistakes the Brits can’t make Starbucks) and an M&S dinner and heading back home. Watching Jonathan Ross and eating pasta salad with my fingers (as I couldn’t find where I packed my cutlery) just added to the joy of the day. 

Today was the orientation day of class, and what a perfect day! It was pouring with rain and freezing cold... the perfect day to study!
The course has 30 people split into two groups. I am in the red group. It is so diverse with people from Hawaii, Peru, Afghanistan, Romania and of course a Canadian!! Also all ages from 23 right up to 50. Breakfast was overwhelming as was the first course but, once the group split things became more comfortable. The first exercise was to interview a partner and write paragraph introducing them as if they were a character in a novel! I was in HEAVEN! 

During the free period in the afternoon I walked in the rain around to Somerville and had a peak in... AHH! SO EXCITED! But that is to be continued. 

Then this evening we heading to The Inklings local haunt... The Eagle and the Child and over a pint of Pride of Oxford everyone read a section from an admired work. I chose Part 1 of “The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred Lord Tennyson. I didn’t stay too late as jet lag was exhausting me! 
I got back in time for a quick skype with Poppy and now bed.

The food here is pretty nuts too... (as a side note). We get a buffet breakfast @ 8, then a coffee break @ 11, then lunch (three course) @ 1, then tea break @ 4, then dinner (three course) @ 7!! I feel like a hobbit in “The Lord of the Rings”. Anyway I found this was something to share too!!

As for me... I miss Vancouver like crazy. I love my city so much BUT I am not homesick, or nostalgic. I am so happy to be here and so excited to call it home for two years!

Time for sleep!
Night Night

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Book Review ~ Catch Up (30 - 34)

Read: - 5th June 2012
Rating: - 1/5

“The Uninvited Guests” By Sadie Jones

I was so upset about this book. Sadie jones had thrilled me with her first two books but, this one was absolutely awful! The story-line was weak, the characters cliche. It was a book form of “The Others” but wasn’t as good. Also WHO IS HER EDITOR, there were spelling errors, grammar mistakes and typos. 
Bad really Bad!

Read: - 30th June 2012
Rating: - 2/5

“The Reinvention of Love” By Helen Humphreys

This started out a really interesting book but became average. The third section seemed to revive the dull middle but, it just didn’t keep me captivated. I felt nothing for the characters. The part I did love with Dede was far too short. Adele’s segments were great but, again few and far between. 
Overall it just needed more oomph!

Read: - 12th July 2012
Rating: - 4/5

“The Memoirs of Helen of Troy” By Amanda Elyot

Historical fiction at its best. Finally I book I want to read over and over again! This book throws fact, fiction and myth into a giant bowl and makes the most delicious soup!! The narrative voice of Helen is realistic, and you cannot help but feel like she is telling the story to me out-loud. 

Read: - 27th July 2012
Rating: - 3/5

“C’est La Vie” By Suzy Gershman

I really enjoyed reading this book. I came out feeling I had learnt a lot from it. The French rules of housing and leasing are so strange!! It took me a couple of reads to become hooked but once I fell for the narrator, who is so compelling I was completely addicted. 
It really made me want to live in Paris for a year. 

Read: - 14th September 2012
Rating: - 3/5

“Gold” By Chris Cleeve

I felt a bit like a cow chewing cud with this book - it took me a long time to get through. The beginning lacked any conviction. I didn’t feel for any characters until about 130 pages in I really emerged myself into the story and could not put it down. But those first 130 pages are really brutal!
I loved how it really opens up the lifestyle of an Olympian, especially a cyclist and it was enthralling to read... once you got past the first 130 pages!!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

This is it...

I cannot believe the last few months. I have worked non-stop, packed non-stop, moved house and now... I am leaving. 
My feet have not touched the ground since LA back in April. My life has seemed like a dream... an unbelievably wonderful dream... can this really be just the beginning?

I have been really awful with my blogging. Something I apologize for. There was a blip of a boyfriend (won’t go there), and then the working everyday (exhausting) and the moving of house (verge of a burnout)! 
But now the adventure begins... OXFORD! I am mere days away. I am so unprepared but so excited. 

I promise to come back to being the loyal PoshGurl and blog properly again... I will probably have a lot to say. 

Until tomorrow... Goodnight.