Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Who needs Porn when you've got Rhianna walking the Red Carpet...

It was the CFDA Awards last night and as always I was bursting with excitement this morning to see what everyone was wearing... then I stumbled onto the headliner... Rhianna. I don’t get it? What the Hell was she thinking?

 I read through all the ‘feminist’ comments of “Yeah Go Girl!”. I still don’t get it? SHE LOOKED LIKE A SLUT!!  This is an incredible fashion event and she wore.... THAT! I am not complaining about the breasts on display. As one person commented “Men show their nipples all the time why can’t women”. My view is the woman’s breast is a intimate body part. Its something beautiful, yes and I am all for a good nude portrait. BUT to just parade down a red carpet with your fried egg nips on display... NO - especially not at the CFDA. It's a CHIC celebration of FASHION... not lack there of. 
I used to really love Rhianna but she has turned into every other pop star willing to degrade themselves for a headline. It's disgusting. 

The shot of her arse walking up the stairs. I DON’T WANNA SEE IT! PUT IT AWAY! Sorry if this is going against feminism but what she did was inappropriate. It took away from the REAL fashion - the gorgeous garments and beautiful, elegant women who wear them, (example - Blake Lively, Karlie Kloss, or Lupita Nong’o) was turned into another talentless celebrity strumpet parade. 

Do these events PROPERLY or don't do them at all. 

It was supposed to be an exhibit of style and taste... people who have neither should not attend and should DEFINITELY not be winning awards. 

It is about time we celebrate fashion the way it used to be celebrated. Celebrate the beauty, not the 'celebrity' of it.