Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fitness Fashion

So with all the fitness talk and advice I thought it was about time I went through my fitness wardrobe. This is a constant talking/laughing point of TidyBoy who found it hilarious that before I even became fully nuts about fitness I had already kitted myself out with the full fitness wardrobe. 

So what is my go to? 

Well, I am a Vancouverite so I guess no one is going to be surprised by my obsession with Lululemon! The ultimate gear for working out. I absolutely love this stuff. From the Tata Tamer sports bra to the cropped pants, running top and zippy I am all over my beloved Lulu! With such a range of products you can pick exactly what you need for each sport whether it be yoga, gym work or running.

When it comes to swimming there are two lines I go to depending on how intense the workout is. If the gym is busy I will choose to cool down in the pool then Victoria Secret is the way to go. The material is really comfortable, flexible and great for an easy cool down workout. 

However, when I am doing a swimming workout then Victoria Secret doesn't quite make the mark. It slips and slides on an aggressive workout so I choose to wear a Speedo suit (with matching goggles of course). Their stuff is fully designed for a high speed swimming workout and so is the much better choice. 

Finally when it comes to cycling I go to and my favourite brand dhb. The jerseys are really fun and come in a variety of styles and colours. The leggings are mostly formal. I use the flashlight model which gives extra reflection at night. I also have dhb gloves and a head scarf! 

To top off my cycling collection is my helmet which is a Bern. 

Finally I have more recently used Christmas vouchers to buy a Marks and Spencers fitness top which is a great fit but not so chic as Lulu - but it does the job. It is great when I do weights as there are a few less cleavage issues with this one. 

I have recently ordered new cycling gear (as I have been using TidyBoys up until now) so as soon as they arrive I will get some shots and post!

If anyone else has some fit brands they can recommend please let me know!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

My life with UP

I do have a slight obsession with gadgets and now this obsession has reached the max with my latest edition The Jawbone Up 24. 

This is the best gadget I have ever bought. It is better than the reviews make out. I don't want to over exaggerate or become a bit mushy but it has quite literally changed my life!

There are vibrating reminders that tell you to take you're morning vitamins and when to get ready for bed. There is the pedometer that keeps you updated on how close to your goal you are. There are the "I'm in" challenges that make you work that little bit harder to reach your goal. I am someone who loves a challenge and reward scheme and the I'm in's are a great motivation! 

Then there are the literal benefits on the band. The sleep monitoring which tell you how good you are sleeping and how much sleep you are getting. The alarm is also amazing for me - it wakes you up at the opportune time and so far it has completely changed my morning routine. It is incredible. 
There is also the fantastic food monitoring that syncs with myfitnesspal - it marks your food out of /10 after every meals and tells you whether the meal was a benefit or not. It also measures the nutrition in each meal as well. This works really well for me as it makes me work for a higher score each day!
Finally there is the pedometer and idleness marker which reminds you when you are being idle. This works fantastically for my work where I can be behind the desk for hours on end. 

I love this thing! It is worth every penny of its £99.99. 

The Big Shake Up!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Theatre Review ~ The Woman in Black

Rating: 4/5

What a show! TidyBoy and I have a strange obsession with The Woman in Black - perhaps it was the first scary movie we watched together? ... I don't know what it is, but we love it. We have seen the first movie a million times, I have read the book (and written a paper on it)! We went a few weeks ago to see the second movie which was pretty good as far as sequels go!

Any who going back to the show. We really didn't know what to expect. I definitely did not expect a show about putting on a show. Beyond that I really really did not expect a two man show! It was mesmerising. The lead character was incredible. 

The opening was a really great trick getting the guy to speak badly — it really made the audience pay attention! They had to listen from the get go! Then it really got swinging. I adored the woman who really is terrifying... granted not as scary as the movie but lets face it-it's the theatre you cannot cover those stunts etc. 

That rocking chair is still the most chilling thing ever! 

It really is a spectacle not to be missed.