Thursday, 7 May 2015


After years and years of waiting Mum and I finally made it to Vienna! Sitting at the top of both of our bucket lists we were desperate to tick the box, and the city didn’t disappoint!

We had a tour of the riding stables, three hours watching the morning practice at the Vienna riding school (the purpose of the trip), and plenty of cakes!!!! The city knew we were coming and so made sure to keep the temperature up and the rain at bay.

Flying BA business class Mum and I were really in the lap of luxury!

Brilliant few days! Going back SOOOOOOOOON!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Movie Review ~ Far From the Madding Crowd

Rating: 5/5

This particular Hardy classic is one of my favourites and the movie too. So to have it redone was worrying for me! I didn’t really know the two lead heroes. Martin Sheen as Boldwood… I had doubts. But, since Bleak House and Persuasion I have loved Carey Mulligan so I took Mum along.  

Now I am counting down the days till the DVD is released. I have not stopped listening to the gorgeous Craig Armstrong soundtrack.

To say I was sceptical going to see this movie on it's opening day is an understatement. I was actually terrified. I wanted so badly for it to be good. 

Carey Mulligan had fearlessly thrown herself at Bathsheba and it paid off. She was mesmerizing. I think it was her best performance to date. She was just incredible. 

And Gabriel Oak!!! HELLO and where have you been all my life?! He was exactly how I would have imagined Oak to be!  Martin Sheen gave a really heart-wrenching performance as the cursed Boldwood. Although I did doubt Sargent Troy at first when he turned evil he was incredible.

The setting was beautiful. The soundtrack perfect! The casting spot up. 
There was nothing about the movie I did not like – other than it was too short!