Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Book Review ~ Sacred Hearts

Rating: 4/5

I heard about this book from my Mother in-law who gave me her copy to read. It sort of fitted in perfectly as I had just started work on my own Renaissance Catholic based novel!  The number one thing about Dunant’s book is the characters which were captivating. You could not do anything other than love or hate them. It was an extreme either way!

The story is about a group of nuns in Ferrera, Italy. A young novice there against her will, a strict nun desperate for the ecstasy of seeing Jesus, an apothecary and the strong abbess eager for young dowries.  Everything revolves around the novice who is desperate to escape the monastery for the arms of her lover, and the relationship she forms with the dispensary nun.

The novel was long, and it could have been rounded up quite a few pages shorter as it did drag a little in the middle where nothing much was happening – it was all just leading up to the finale… only very, very slowly!

I love Dunant’s writing. There is a really gorgeous flow to it that captures everything perfect, and yet leaves a tiny bit missing which allows your imagination to fill. 

I cannot wait to read more of her stuff!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Movie Review ~ Jurassic World

Rating: 3+/5

I have been waiting for this movie for years. Watching the trailer was like going back to my childhood.  The plot sounded a bit sketchy but Chris Pratt was in it, and was buff, and sweaty, and riding a motorbike!

I went with TidyBoy … we may have been 30 minutes early and bouncing up and down in our seats! The reaction was “meh”! It didn’t live up to our expectations … but after careful consideration of the film we thought that perhaps the expectations were a bit too high!

Chris Pratt is amazing – not just looks wise but also acting. He could possibly be the next action hero! He is brilliant. But he also adds a comedic side to the franchise that has not really been done before.

The movie was trying to do what Skyfall did with the Bond franchise and poke fun at the ridiculous that had come before – that bit didn’t work. BUT, there was more good than bad. I would really have liked to have seen more of the park and its attractions; the rides with the typical ride operator, and the incredible Hilton Hotel. It was all set up so well but not really developed. Especially as they had the great hook with the two boys who were excellent – Missed Opportunity!

The product placement was fantastic – the village having a Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks and of course a Pandora! It really did show exactly what we would do if a park like this existed!

The poor script was held up by the performances of Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt (and the guy from Law & Order Criminal Intent!). The music was nothing like John Williams – it completely invaded the movie and put you off. The animation was of course flawless, and the hook for film 5 was also really clever.

All in all I did enjoy it… just not as much as I wanted too. 
However, that opinion might change when we go and see it in 3D!