Sunday, 28 February 2016

Complacency Replacement!

So 2016 started off so well for me. We got into Vancouver, we set our wedding in motion and I started writing again! When half term hit I became slightly complacent. TidyBoy was away. I found a new love of napping and I took a break from working out. I slipped comfortably back into laziness. 

"How long will you lie there, Sluggard?" 


There are a few women I admire and look up to. One is my sister. The other is a pilates instructor who I met this New Year. Both women are in control of their lives and look fabulous. They both have something in common. 

They start the day with a list! 

I really need to get up and be "like the ant"! Especially with the year ahead we have planned!
I am determined to become a list maker and a list keeper to get me back on the straight and narrow... or at least stop me from napping! 

As my motto for this year reminds me: USE EVERY SINGLE SECOND!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Movie Review ~ Tigers in Red Weather

Rating: 5+/5

I was finding it really difficult to get into books at the moment, but this book has to be the turning point. It was absolutely amazing! The writing was just incredible.

I loved the break down of character narrations which allowed the story to be seen from different perspectives. Every character brought a different perspective and opened up a new spin on the events of that summer. 

I have to say the first two narrations were great, but the minute Helena's character began her narration I  was completely consumed! I don't think I have ever hated a character more than her. What a complete and utter bitch! I read her section in one sitting. 

However, the talent of writing comes alive in the final narrations done by the two male characters especially Ed. The twist is absolutely insane. You knew it was coming, but when it happened her writing just catches you out and makes you read and re-read again before what you have ready sinks in.

Fantastic Book, easy read and a complete page turner. I loved it! 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Movie Review ~ A Bigger Splash

Rating: 4/5

The next stage in my Matthias Schoenaerts obsession is here and I spent my afternoon off ogling his gorgeous body and strangely skinny chicken legs! 

The storyline of the movie is pretty obvious. It doesn't really move anywhere, in fact it's a bit of a strange movie - jammed packed with nudity and sex. However, I really enjoyed it... I saw Ralph Fiennes penis what is not to love?!

In all seriousness the acting is superb. The scenery is breathtaking - especially the restaurant on the mountain. The clothes, especially Tilda Swintons' are gorgeous. 

Really the movie just made me want to go to Italy and buy new clothes! 

Sunday, 14 February 2016


I am a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert especially Eat, Pray, Love. I swear this is not fully intentionally but this new year has been my most Gilbert of all and I am eating, praying and loving it all!! 

In the year that will see me marry my soul mate, move back to my hometown, and start up my own business I am coming back to myself and hApPy beyond belief. I am writing and planning and improving myself daily. Exercising daily, eating healthily, taking time for my religion. 

Which is why for the first time ever I am Lenting myself! Not once, not twice by THREE times!

1. SUGAR - 
As many of you know I am an awful sugar monster. I have three plus sugars in coffee and tea. So as of Wednesday my tea and coffee are sugarless!! This is proving the most difficult of all three! However, four days and there has been no fallout. 

This year I started out on minimal chocolate and despite a few downward spirals into mini eggs I decided that the nutella on my pancakes would be my last chocolate for the 40 days. I swear every pain au chocolate is calling my name as I lay them out in the morning! 

3. CLOSET - 
So this is a little bit out of the ordinary but I read about it on my favourite blog. Everyday of the lent you take an item from your closet that you no longer wear and put it to the side and at the end of the lent period donate it to charity. I have started this and it feels so good! I have been reducing my closet drastically over the last few months as I start to make the closet that will fit my future away from Oxford and Uni clothes (that still fill my drawers). For me clothes are everything. They are how I express my identity. So as I really begin my life in our new city, with my new husband and business I am also putting on my new clothes too! So this lenting out of my closet is making room especially as I get closer day by day to my honeymoon shopping trip!!!!!

Anyway! That's my lent... what's yours?